Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen” Benjamin Disraeli

Travelling is not to be done as a yearly task, but as an experience to be cherished for a lifetime. And you can only say you had a wholesome experience when not only the city you wander off to offers great surprises, but also the place you stay at makes you feel at home. And this is where you head to hotels that offer superior customer service, and this is where Hotel Persona makes its mark.

Focused Towards Customer Service

The idea for a more inclusive customer service elevated us to higher goals and avenues. And this is what paved way for the inception of Hotel Persona International. For weary travellers, Hotel Persona offers an invigorating experience and a suite of features to help them recharge their batteries and set off to their endeavor of exploring Delhi further on the next sunrise.

Strategically Located

Hotel Persona International is strategically located at the centre of Delhi. In close proximity is one of Delhi’s hottest shopping destinations, Karol Bagh. The Karol Bagh metro station is just a few steps away.

As we incessantly strive to create an atmosphere that’s captivating and enthralling, we do more than just overwhelming you through visually enriching lawns and rooms. In an age where luxury includes swanky interiors, glossy vibes, and also extends beyond it, Hotel Persona keeps setting new benchmarks. While our room interiors are soaked in opulence, we do not make compromises on the quality of services our customers enjoy – making their stay worth the price of admission.